Nature is freaky…

Once a year, or once every few years, we get to see snow and lightning and hear earth-shaking thunder, all at once. It’s rare and weird. And it just came out of nowhere…first the lightning, then the thunder, and then the snow. Plus really, really high winds. Now, only the snow and wind remain. I […]

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Purse Neuroses

Over at Ally’s Diary, a discussion about purses, with a list of the requirements a purse must fill. I agree with pretty much everything on the list. Finding a decent purse can be a huge pain. I’m weird about purses. I start small–just something with enough room to carry the essentials: wallet, cell phone, a […]

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Bright Ideas

Listening to: Citizen Cope, Bullet and a Target So one thing that’s been bugging me as I finish this book is, of course…what’s the next one gonna be? I can’t help it. I’m a writer. We’re neurotic, okay? Well, it came to me as I was driving to my mom’s house last weekend…out of nowhere. […]

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Back from the Dead

Haven’t been posting much because I felt like no one was reading it. But I’m realizing that this thing is more for me than the rest of the world. Although, if that were true, I would just keep an actual private journal or something. So, not really just for me. But mostly for me. It’s […]

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