Quote of the Day

Today’s quote comes courtesy of my two hours in the dentist’s chair, during which Dr. McDrilly said, with drill poised above my mouth: Just let me know if my knee starts pulling on your hair. Oh, the images that evoked.

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Getting Crowned

I go to the dentist today. This is the fifth time in as many weeks…so you can tell I’ve been having a great freaking month here. All the others have been new or replaced fillings, plus a cleaning. But today…I get crowned. If you’ve never gotten crowned, let me tell you…it’s fun. They use the […]

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Note to my Neighbor

Dear Man on the Next Street: Please stop removing every tree and bit of brush on your property. First of all, I can’t take one more weekend listening to your goddamn chainsaw all day. Secondly, the trees and brush serve as insulation between your children and my disgust with their taste in music. Next summer, […]

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Smoking Update and Character Names

Update on the smoking front: I’m only having a few cigs a day. It’s not quite quitting, but it’s better than I was doing before. Now, on to the meat of this post: Character names. Kelly Parra blogged today about having similar character names in several of her books. In her case, the protagonist’s names […]

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Kicking Butt (well…not really)

Every year, the Great American Smokeout comes along in November. And every year, I don’t find out about it until sometime in the afternoon or evening, or even the next day. Well, today I found out around noon. So, no excuses. No smoking for the rest of the day. Haven’t had one since 11:50. Ate […]

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Professional Decision Makers

One of my friends recently said, “Writers are professional decision makers.” He got the quote from somewhere else, not sure where–but it’s true no matter where it originated. Every word, sentence, paragraph, scene, chapter break…whose POV do I use here? What’s going to happen next? What’s her motivation? Is it strong enough to make her […]

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Things fall apart

Last night, the TV in our bedroom died. It had a good life–10, 15 years–but still. Today, I was leaving–well, trying to leave–for a dentist appointment, and…the car wouldn’t start. It has gas–three quarters of a tank. Oil was changed and inspection performed last week. The antifreeze/coolant light had been coming on, so I hadn’t […]

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