Inching forward

I’m actually getting used to this new template. Now I’m not sure if it’s ugly or not. Miss Snark is inching toward my number on the Happy Hooker Crapometer. It should be up either today or tomorrow, if she keeps up at this pace. I’m back to being nervous again, as you can probably tell. […]

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Template Fun

I’ve had blogger beta for a while now, and from time to time I fiddle with my template. Today I decided to try a brand new one, but I’m not liking it. Of course, I don’t feel like changing it again…so this is it, for the moment.

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Just popping in…

…to see if you can spot the two errors in this article. Hint: one is a factual error, the other is…well, you could call it spelling or word confusion. I know that everyone makes mistakes…I’ve made my fair share of them. But seriously, doesn’t anyone edit this crap? I wasn’t even looking for mistakes…I was […]

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From the Title to the Plot…

Okay. So, as I careen towards the finish line on my first editing pass, I’ve been fretting about the idea for my next book. I can’t help it. I just feel like the idea…isn’t what I want. It’s good (maybe), and I could make it interesting (I think). But I don’t want it. The other […]

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50th Post

Well, I wanted my 50th post to be something cool. Too bad, I guess. From a phone conversation with my mom: “Did you know your dad had surgery?” The scary thing is, my answer was “No.” This has happened three times to my husband, as well. From what we can gather, it was a minor […]

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Random Linkage Fun

Wanna get in the holiday spirit? Wanna walk around your house singing like a cat all night? Here ya go. (Note: If you haven’t already, you have to download the Rhapsody player to listen, but it’s free and there’s no registration.) I find this place really interesting. My nation is approaching its one-day anniversary. It’s […]

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Christmas Songs

I think Christmas songs are the worst of all the earworms. No matter what else I listened to, I had “Santa Clause is Comin’ To Town” in my head since the moment I woke up this morning. And I don’t know even recall hearing it at any time recently, which makes me wonder how the […]

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