Spring Flowers

I’ve been meaning to post these all week, so here’s some pretty flowers to get you through the weekend: Crocuses! Another Crocus! Hyacinth on my Windowsill! There. I love spring, although I’ll admit it seems to increase my exclamation point usage. =) -K.

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When the Flame Dies

Oh, it’s a tragic story, and one that has been told many times before. Alas, I’m going to tell it again. Girl writes novel. Girl, while writing novel, inevitably falls in love with novel and characters therein. Several months of joyous writing fly by, every one of them packed to the brim with sweet memories. […]

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Running out of agents?

Over at Diana’s blog, she’s talking about querying agents with a new work when you’ve submitted another to them in the past. As with her, it never occurred to me not to submit my new work to the agents that rejected the last, whether it was a form rejection or a reject of requested material. […]

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Celebrate the Angels

Today, March 21, is the second annual World Down Syndrome Day. If you haven’t had the joy and frustration of knowing and loving someone with this condition, then you are looking at if from the outside. Let me give you a tour of that love. As an older sibling, it means, first and foremost, sacrifice. […]

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I Heart YA: Episode 2 – NYC

This is pretty much what I dream about at night…having friends who share such an important part of my life, understand why it’s important, and make it even more fun. Alas, I am stuck in the middle of Pennsylvania, and while I have many friends, none of them quite get my fascination with YA. And […]

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A Public Service Announcement

Two things* the public should know, just in case: I heard voices in my head last night as I drifted off to sleep. The voices of my characters. Most people might think I’m crazy, but this is a good thing. If they’re in my head, then I must be in their heads. Still, it’s a […]

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The Tale of the Sad Flowers

Gather ’round, children, and I’ll tell you a tale of disappointment, incompetence, and woe. Back on November 3, 2006, my husband used 1800flowers.com to send a birthday bouquet to his grandmother. He ordered the flowers to be delivered the same day. Now, I know what you’re thinking–he should have ordered them sooner. Well, yes, perhaps […]

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