And the Insanity Begins…

I spent most of Friday and Saturday compiling information on agents that sell in my genre(s). What fun, what fun! I still have all my info from the last time I did the query merry-go-round, but I decided to start fresh this time. After all, some agents change agencies or start their own shops, some […]

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Cat Games

My cat and I have several games we like to play together. Usually, we play sometime in the latter part of the morning or early afternoon, depending on when I get sick of his constant mewing. Some of them, however, are not in any way initiated by me or The Husband, and are, in fact, […]

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Wow. I’ve really fallen behind with the blogging…and likely will again, soon. Life is a bit topsy turvy at the moment, although in a good way. We’re moving! …temporarily. The Husband’s company is sending us to Suffolk, VA for…well, probably the whole summer. We don’t actually know how long, because he’s only going until they […]

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Typo of the Day

At the sight of Charlie’s room–and his bed–a lightning blot of pain ripped through me. It’s like a combination between a BLOB and a BOLT. “Man, did you see that misshapen lightning strike earlier? It was like a blot of lightning.” Or something. -K.

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Synonyms of Awesomeness

Just a short post for now, because this has been the most ridiculously busy week, and I have to concentrate on the actual writing thing. I just had to mention this… One of the synonyms listed for “sister” on…is “uterine kin”. Note to self: Add “uterine kin” to the list of words I will […]

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Off to the woods

Going back home for a few days. I’ll try to post when I can, but I swear…I WILL write! -K. P.S. Do the 200 words I wrote for a query yesterday count for my 100 words pledge? I think they do. =)

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Plowin’ Thru

Listening to: Guster, “I’m Through” (w00t! New Guster EP out!) Sunday: 1500 words, handwritten.Monday: Typed up Sunday’s words.Tuesday: 500 words. Okay. So that’s my progress for this week so far. I’m really trying to switch from handwriting to typing. The handwriting, as much as I love it, just takes far too much time. And I […]

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In Your Dreams

Listening to: Senses Fail, “Can’t Be Saved” UPDATE, 4:50 PM: Finished my typing and wrote a little over 300 new words. Ridiculously easy, now that I’m caught up. 100 Words Status: I will be writing 200 words to make up for yesterday. Yes, I’m a bad, bad girl–or at least, a girl who already had […]

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