Every time John Scalzi posts a pic of his cat Ghlaghghee on Whatever, I have to double check that my cat is still here. It’s like they’re freaking twins, although I think Scalzi’s cat has slightly fatter feet (no offense, Ghlaghghee): Yes, that’s a box he’s laying on. He seems to think it’s comfortable. He […]

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Fixing It

Listening to: Dispatch, “Drive” Well, I’m on my way to fixing the problem with the book. I broke down and made an outline of how it should go, and I’m going through scene by scene to make the necessary changes. It feels pretty good to get this done, and I think the story will benefit […]

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Adventures in Virginia

Listening to: Guster, “Backyard” What a weekend…it just flew right by. Saw 1408 on Friday, and I highly recommend it. It doesn’t rely on the blood, guts, gore, and cheap shocks that the current crop of horror flicks can’t do without. Pure psychological suspense, some nice cinematography, and of course, JOHN CUSACK. But to his […]

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Listening to: Guster, “Perfect” Been in such a fog all week. And it really hasn’t been a bad week, at least socially–tried out the Mexican place next door (Margaritas! Yum!), went on a ferry and to a baseball game, went out with The Husband and my best friend and her boyfriend. Worked on my tan. […]

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Best. Typo. Ever.

“If anyone stares too long out the window, create a diversion. Drop a glass, fake a heart attack, anything.” Rilla let out a loud huff of air. “Yeah, right. No problem. Should I put on a clown shit and do a little jig?” Oh, yes. Please put on the clown shit, Rilla.

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Listening to: Pennywise, “Waiting” My heroine, Hazel, is on the road with a guy she’s betrayed, a girl who shares her feelings for said guy, and the black sheep daughter of the world’s most powerful witch. Things are getting complicated, to say the least. Added to the mix is the following: If Hazel doesn’t fix […]

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Knowing the Difference

My biggest problem writing-wise lately has been, I think, caused by distance. I’ve gotten too far from the work, the characters, the world that they inhabit. I’m not so immersed in it anymore that I can look at it subjectively. Which, when you’re writing a novel, is important. Save the objectivity and the rationality for […]

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Running on Empty

I am fresh out of ideas. Nothing to blog about. If anyone who drops by would like a blog-on-command–tell me what to write about and I’ll do it, within reason–feel free. Preferably writing-related, but I’ll consider other topics. I’m not really an expert on anything, but I’m sure there must be some opinions and information […]

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Been a few days since I’ve updated. The weekend alternated between busy (company picnic in Virginia Beach, shopping trip) and lazy/malaisey (coining a word here–I’m a writer, I’m allowed). Not much progress on the writing front, except that today I finally got past a scene that was driving me crazy. I’m very uncertain about it, […]

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