Writing in the Dark

Listening to: Paul Simon, “Kodachrome” I’ve been writing since I was just a little thing, when my second grade teacher told my mom I had a gift for storytelling. It was definitely that particular event that inspired me to be a writer–hey, I thought, at least I’m good at something. May as well run with […]

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One Year

Listening to: Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, “Save the Best for Last” (Anyone else think it’s awesome that a band is able to make a living and a name from being, essentially, a cover band?) Hey! Today’s the one year anniversary of my very first blog post. It’s a Blogiversary! And my very second […]

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Listening to: Guster, “Airport Song” Not really much to update. Book 2: The agent wait continues. It has now been one month and two days since I sent my full, on request. I’m doing pretty well distracting myself with other things, although how well I do this depends on the day of the week and […]

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Quick Check-in

Just checking in to direct you here. Found it on Boing Boing, and if you need a quick Monday pick-me-up…well, here ya go. They’re better than coffee. More later.

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Report from VA

Worst. Day. Ever. I’m writing this from a Days Inn in Newport News, VA. Why am I here? Because we have the worst flea infestation in the history of flea infestations. When did we discover this? Today, after driving 9.5 hours (that’s 2.5 hours longer than it should’ve taken) from PA to VA. We spent […]

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Thursday Time Waster

I so made a mistake choosing English Lit as a major in college. Obviously, I was destined to be a great artist. Such a tragic waste of talent, that. Behold, my masterpiece. I shall call it Qwerty.

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Various Updates

Listening to: The Weakerthans, “Plea From a Cat Named Virtute” (P.S.: This song is made of awesome.) The car’s problem might just be a part that was recalled. This would be wonderful, as then we wouldn’t have to a.) pay large sums of money to fix it, b.) buy a new car and give up […]

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To the Beach!

…But not primarily for the beach’s sake. Gotta get my car looked at, and the nearest dealership is in Virginia Beach. So, we’ll spend the afternoon there, while we’re at it. Keeping my fingers crossed for my car. This is its last chance, since several other mechanics have been unable to figure out what’s wrong […]

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North vs. South

Listening to: Less Than Jake, “The Rest of My Life” We’ve been living down here for almost seven weeks, and I’ve wanted to write this entry for about six of those. I feel prepared for it now. Please note: these are the observations of someone living in the northernmost part of the southeast U.S., who […]

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Happy 4th!

Listening to: Rise Against, “Gesthemane” Ah, Independence Day. I come from a rather small town, as I’ve mentioned before. And in my town, the Fourth of July parade is a big freaking deal. Such a big deal, in fact, that chairs will start magically appearing on the sidewalk for days–sometimes a week–in advance. People are […]

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