Forcing It

Listening to: Guster, “Demons” When I was quite a bit younger, I used to think that inspiration was this hazy, mercurial creature that would strike when and if she felt like it. I thought that ideas were like Newton’s apple without the gravity–they didn’t have to come down from that tree, and if they did […]

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Lost Things

So, since the writing is going horribly slow today, I thought I’d do that last load of laundry I’ve been putting off. And then I can’t find my mesh lingerie bag, which I wash my bras in. As I’m searching the apartment (really, it’s not that big–there aren’t that many places to look), I realize […]

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Daily Dose of Cute

Not much to report here–just procrastinating before I resume my daily 1000 words–but this is too damn cute. We had a hedgehog when I was younger. Adorable little creatures, if a bit shy. And I think they’re illegal in PA, or at least that’s what everyone said.

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Because it’s been a while…

Listening to: Rise Against, “Worth Dying For” When was the last time I posted flower pictures? I’m not even sure–spring, maybe. Well, I have some gorgeous ones for you today, and some bonuses–my brother and I, and procreating insects! (Not in the same picture.) First, the sunflower. I can’t take credit for this–it was all […]

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From the "WTF?" Files

I just remembered–I had a dream last night that my dream agent called me up and offered representation…on the condition that I both lengthen my novel, and remove exactly 1300 instances of the word “the.” Of course I said yes.

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I’m Back, Baby!

Listening to: Guster, “Red Oyster Cult” Wow. What a freakin’ week. I did the drive all by myself, both times, and made it out alive. It’s not really that bad, but I get myself all nervous and worked up about it beforehand, and that makes it harder. But I did it yesterday in about 6.5 […]

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On the Road Again

Posting will probably be sporadic until next Tuesday/Wednesday, as I decided to go to PA. Seeing my little brother for the first time since Christmas, yay! Driving 7.5 hours by myself, not so much. But worth it. =) The irony is, I’ve been wanting to write so bad for about 24 hours now, but haven’t […]

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Awesome Quiz

If you’re a book lover, you have to take this quiz. If you change even one answer, it takes you down a whole different path to a different result. Pretty cool. Evidently, I’m Catch-22. I think that’s a pretty good compliment. You’re Catch-22! by Joseph Heller Incredibly witty and funny, you have a taste for […]

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Listening to: Maroon 5, “Harder to Breathe” Waiting to find out if I’m going up to PA alone today, or with The Husband this weekend. If I go today, I will be seeing my friends and probably writing in my ol’ hangout tonight. I’ve been going a little crazy (“a little?!” (Okay, is it sad […]

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