Off in my own world…

Listening to: Guster, “C’mon” Sorry I’ve been off in la-la-land lately. I’ve been on a serious reading kick. How serious? Well, I read Twilight this week. Twice. The first time, I was just plain hooked. Seriously, even if you don’t read YA fiction, give it a try. It’s a fascinating, wonderful book. The second time […]

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Come on, dude…it’s MONDAY

Listening to: Flying Machines, “On a Whim”–and the dulcet tones of my neighbor’s chainsaw. Yes, that’s right. Chainsaw Man returns. He’s out there, chopping things down, cutting wood to splinters. Except that it’s Monday. You would think his constant weekend chainsawing would be more offensive, simply because more people are home, and trying to do […]

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Note: I started A Great and Terrible Beauty around 5 p.m. yesterday. I finished it around 10:30. It’s the third book I’ve read in the past week. *Sigh*.

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Gathering Info

Listening to: Lagwagon, “Violins” I’m still searching for appropriate agents to submit to, as well as gathering information for the ones I choose. This process has never taken so long, but I’ve grown much pickier about which agents will go in the Magical Spreadsheet of Joy, and I also collect more information. I got a […]

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Agent Crit Giveaway

Listening to: Switchfoot, “More Than Fine” Attention writer friends: In researching agents to query, I discovered that Caren Johnson is giving away a free 3-chapter or 30-page and synopsis critique. Details here, toward the bottom of the post. Genre and subject don’t matter–she’ll critique it even if she doesn’t rep it. Winner picked randomly and […]

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You Drive Me Crazy

No, not you. Or you over there. No, no. The person who drives me crazy is… …this guy. Who is not so much on the next street as right across the *$#&ing street. Who I wrote about 1 year and 2 months ago. Who is STILL out there with is g-damn, m%&$*f@(#*ing chainsaw almost every […]

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Back From the Brink

Listening to: Everclear, “Glorious” That’s right kids, I have returned from the muddle of surgery and recovery. I’m doing lots better now, although the first day or two were mind-blowingly painful. Just sitting up was a two-person job. But the gallbladder is out, and I now have one fewer organ than the average person. I’ve […]

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