Getting Into It

Listening to: Scary Kids Scaring Kids, “Degenerates” When I first started my current project — working titled Freya — I was excited but wary. I really wasn’t sure I could make it work. The original idea seemed like it couldn’t go farther than novella territory, and I could only think of two possible ways it […]

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Listening to: The music in my head, which is sweet and flowing and always in tune =) So, I’ve discovered an incredible creative experience. I can’t really believe that, in all my years of practicing this art, I never found this out before, but… Jamming is a fantastic form of music. My brother plays banjo […]

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What happened there? Someone changed her layout… This is probably just temporary, something to freshen it up. I want to go cleaner, something with some boxes on the sidebar holding my links, nicer lines, etc. I just have to, you know, figure out how…. Let me know what you think. I did the banner myself, […]

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Someone’s actually updating her blog two days in a row. It’s a freakin’ miracle. Just finished emailing Tia about our beta-reading arrangements–she finished Starcaster, and I’ll be finishing my current masterpiece (she said with a hint of sarcasm)* within a month. I love how we’re practically on the same schedule! I also heart my beta […]

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