Seven Facts Meme

Listening to: The Arcade Fire, “Wake Up” Jenwriter tagged me for this one–just seven random facts. So you’ll probably learn some things about me now that you’d be better off not knowing. Aaaand off we go! This is the fun one. I have different colored eyebrows and eyelashes. Now, when I say that, I mean […]

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If the glass is full / Drink up! Drink up! / This may be the last time / we see this cup…

…If God wanted us soberHe’d knock the glass overSo while it is full we drink up! I shouldn’t even read book review and publishing blogs. They get me into trouble. For instance, Galleycat led me to this entry from the Book Examiner, which makes me want to grab Gatsby and a gimlet. I’m seriously considering […]

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I really, really wish my husband would stop, when telling people of my NaNo plans, getting it confused with a certain organization whose acronym begins with N and ends with A and mainly consists of perverted grown men. And telling them I’m “getting my friends to do it, too.” Just sayin’.

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So, yeah. As I’m sure I mentioned previously, I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year. Last year I died off right around day two. Hey, on days three and four, I was moving from one state back to another…I was a little busy, okay? This year, however, my motto is “No Excuses.”* Nothing is gonna stop […]

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Catching Up

Haven’t read GalleyCat in a while, so I found a few gems over there today. Book Cover Mashup over at bookninja–hysterical.Go ahead, judge a book by its cover–or at least, guess its Amazon ranking based on its cover. Found yesterday: This is old, but it’s new to me–and gave me a laugh. How to Write […]

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Invisible People

Listening to: The Mountain Goats, “Alpha Rats Nest” Sometimes, when I’m reviewing notes by beta readers, I’ll have little arguments with them. Note: they are not actually, physically present during these arguments. Sometimes in my head, sometimes out loud. It goes something like this: “No, really, it’s better the way I wrote it. Just trust […]

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The Avoidance Troll

I’ve needed to get some editing done for days. If I’m going to be ready for NaNo, I need to have all these other chores out of the way. But there’s this little troll, a short little stumpy little wrinkle-faced little jerk,* who sits next to me and whispers, “But wouldn’t it be better to […]

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POV Snobs

Ugh. Diana Peterfreund and Jenwriter both wrote very cogent blog posts about POV snobbery–specifically, first person POV snobbery, and now I’m all up in arms.* Evidently, only amateurs use first person. Everybody knows Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Daphne du Maurier, and Charlotte Bronte were hacks. Rank amateurs, the whole lot of ’em. I mean, […]

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Looking Back

Listening to: The patrons of the awesome little cafe I frequent, out on the patio, on one of the last nice days of the year! It’s funny to look back, after you’re finally done. I really didn’t think Freya (now tentatively titled Grim Light) ever had a chance. When I first started writing it in […]

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