Grammar, Em Dashes, and a Cameo

As anyone who’s glanced at my Twitter feed during the editing phase will know, I have a slight em dash problem. Like my other writing tics (I have a whole list), it’s a problem I clear up during revision, and then I complain about it on Twitter. Elizabeth Ditty, one of the Evil Cabal, just […]

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Why I Changed My Mind

Listening to: Kings of Convenience, “Power of Not Knowing” Note: After I write this, I am fully prepared to go into hiding and save myself from the Evil Cabal of Evil Alter Egos, who are all going to KILL ME. So, uh…I decided not to do NaNo. Now wait, before you pile on…this is a […]

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PIE! (and other things)

Listening to: KaiserCartel, “Favorite Song” (This song is so adorable & sweet, I recommend you give it a listen) Here’s the pie from last Thursday’s Fall Bakeoff on Twitter. Apple with a crumb topping. It was pretty good, but I’ll do a few things differently next time. Thinking of making another one this week, and […]

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This & That

Ugh. I’ve been down with the DeathCold* for about a week. Finally starting to feel like a human being again, as opposed to a massive hulking CoughSniffleSneezeMonster, as of this morning. I have a million things on my to-do list,** because I’ve been slacking (read: sleeping and/or sitting on the couch watching Buffy marathons and […]

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