No, not my wedding anniversary. Not the anniversary of anything writing-related. Not even the anniversary of when we got Shakespeare the Bitey Cat.

No, tomorrow is what I call the Dispatchiversary. Four years ago tomorrow, I traveled to Boston with my brother and about 15 of his closest friends to see our favorite band, Dispatch, play their very last (at the time) show. It was a crazy, crazy weekend, with no less than three near death experiences, some exhaustion-related hallucinations, balloon animals, a water bottle war, and a lovely, 2 a.m. visit to the Mass. General Psych Ward.

Yes. It was crazy in more ways than one.

And one of these days I’ll get around to telling the story in some permanent form, like I’ve been meaning to do for years. Not today, though, and most likely not tomorrow. Busy, busy, busy!

So instead, here is a video from the aforementioned bottle war, during a gorgeous song called “Past the Falls”. Being in the middle of that was a fairly insane, wondrous experience–and sometimes a bit scary, too. At about 1:06, the craziness begins. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Both my husband and I enjoyed that one! He said in the old days, it would have been beer bottles, and there would have been concussions.

    Did you realize you posted this six times? (Or Blogger did?)

  2. I have no idea what happened there. I had a whole bunch of trouble when I first posted it, like 2 weeks ago, and now they all show up. A bit late, I’d say! Thanks for letting me know!

    Yeah, a few people threw glass bottles, and there were a few injuries related to that. Also, people threw whatever they could get their hands on–my brother’s friend got hit by a bag of grapes and a half-full 2 liter of Coke.

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