Battle of the Cats

We have a guest cat in our house for the week. Meet Tucker: Catnip! CatnipCatnipCatnip! He’s just as skittish as he looks. The only reason he’s not under the loveseat is that I brought him some catnip. Tucker was brought over for catsitting on Friday night and proceeded to hide under/in a chair in the […]

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Various and Sundry

Several wildly divergent and incredibly trivial matters to bring to your attention. One or more may cause significant cognitive dissonance, as that seems to be the name of the game all over the intertubewebs today. Don’t say you weren’t warned. 1. Cats singing Christmas carols. 2. This ought to wake you up (originally found on […]

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Cat Games

My cat and I have several games we like to play together. Usually, we play sometime in the latter part of the morning or early afternoon, depending on when I get sick of his constant mewing. Some of them, however, are not in any way initiated by me or The Husband, and are, in fact, […]

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Inching forward

I’m actually getting used to this new template. Now I’m not sure if it’s ugly or not. Miss Snark is inching toward my number on the Happy Hooker Crapometer. It should be up either today or tomorrow, if she keeps up at this pace. I’m back to being nervous again, as you can probably tell. […]

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Random Linkage Fun

Wanna get in the holiday spirit? Wanna walk around your house singing like a cat all night? Here ya go. (Note: If you haven’t already, you have to download the Rhapsody player to listen, but it’s free and there’s no registration.) I find this place really interesting. My nation is approaching its one-day anniversary. It’s […]

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My Cat’s Tongue

My cat is weird. He likes to lick things. Not all things, mind you, but certain things. My hand. My legs when I get out of the shower. My feet when I get out of the shower. The shower. He also enjoys licking a certain toy. When he does this, a loud raspy noise can […]

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Okay, I had one of the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had last night. And I’ve had some doozies. My window was open, and a white horse was outside it. The horse kept rearing up, like it was upset or scared or something. And it was freaking me out pretty good, too. Then…okay, here comes the […]

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