I always feel like such a schmuck–after our critique sessions (an entire weekend with almost 20-odd emails sent back and forth, fixing up each other’s query letters this time), Tia always thanks me on her blog, and I forget to do the same because…well, A.) I’m a schmuck*, and B.) I’m a bad li’l blogger […]

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Agent Crit Giveaway

Listening to: Switchfoot, “More Than Fine” Attention writer friends: In researching agents to query, I discovered that Caren Johnson is giving away a free 3-chapter or 30-page and synopsis critique. Details here, toward the bottom of the post. Genre and subject don’t matter–she’ll critique it even if she doesn’t rep it. Winner picked randomly and […]

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Back From the Brink

Listening to: Everclear, “Glorious” That’s right kids, I have returned from the muddle of surgery and recovery. I’m doing lots better now, although the first day or two were mind-blowingly painful. Just sitting up was a two-person job. But the gallbladder is out, and I now have one fewer organ than the average person. I’ve […]

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Doing the Happy Dance!

Just got Pretties and Specials from the nice mail-lady. Ever since I finished Uglies two weeks ago, I’ve barely been able to contain myself. If you write YA–or even if you just enjoy a ripping good read– and you haven’t read these books, well…FOR GOD’S SAKE, WHY?! Get thee to a bookstore! Now, the only […]

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