Battle of the Cats

We have a guest cat in our house for the week. Meet Tucker: Catnip! CatnipCatnipCatnip! He’s just as skittish as he looks. The only reason he’s not under the loveseat is that I brought him some catnip. Tucker was brought over for catsitting on Friday night and proceeded to hide under/in a chair in the […]

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One of Those Days, again

I spent most of this morning and a small part of the afternoon thinking that today was Thursday. This would just be a normal, unremarkable lapse in brain function… …if I hadn’t also ran the dryer with nothing in it. Nothing bad happened, but I still feel like an idiot. Here, have a picture of […]

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Still Working On It

Listening to: Druha Trava, “Bad Moon Rising” (I prefer the older Lagwagon cover, personally) Still working on the short pitch. Will post it here when/if I ever finish it to my satisfaction. In the meantime, have a cat picture.

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Every time John Scalzi posts a pic of his cat Ghlaghghee on Whatever, I have to double check that my cat is still here. It’s like they’re freaking twins, although I think Scalzi’s cat has slightly fatter feet (no offense, Ghlaghghee): Yes, that’s a box he’s laying on. He seems to think it’s comfortable. He […]

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