The Great Tetris War of 2011

Listening to: The Mountain Goats, “Collapsing Stars” There’s a war being waged in my living room. It’s one of a long line of wars that have come and gone over the past several years: the Epic SSX Tricky War of 2005 (which began when Husband told me, “You probably won’t be very good at this […]

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Happy Thanksgiving…

… to my American readers, a little bit in advance. We’re off to the in-laws, then to see my mom. Posting will be sporadic, if it happens at all, for the next several days. I hope everyone enjoys their turkey and has as little family discord as possible…but enough to keep things interesting. Me, I’m […]

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Because it’s been a while…

Listening to: Rise Against, “Worth Dying For” When was the last time I posted flower pictures? I’m not even sure–spring, maybe. Well, I have some gorgeous ones for you today, and some bonuses–my brother and I, and procreating insects! (Not in the same picture.) First, the sunflower. I can’t take credit for this–it was all […]

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I’m Back, Baby!

Listening to: Guster, “Red Oyster Cult” Wow. What a freakin’ week. I did the drive all by myself, both times, and made it out alive. It’s not really that bad, but I get myself all nervous and worked up about it beforehand, and that makes it harder. But I did it yesterday in about 6.5 […]

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On the Road Again

Posting will probably be sporadic until next Tuesday/Wednesday, as I decided to go to PA. Seeing my little brother for the first time since Christmas, yay! Driving 7.5 hours by myself, not so much. But worth it. =) The irony is, I’ve been wanting to write so bad for about 24 hours now, but haven’t […]

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Listening to: Maroon 5, “Harder to Breathe” Waiting to find out if I’m going up to PA alone today, or with The Husband this weekend. If I go today, I will be seeing my friends and probably writing in my ol’ hangout tonight. I’ve been going a little crazy (“a little?!” (Okay, is it sad […]

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Report from VA

Worst. Day. Ever. I’m writing this from a Days Inn in Newport News, VA. Why am I here? Because we have the worst flea infestation in the history of flea infestations. When did we discover this? Today, after driving 9.5 hours (that’s 2.5 hours longer than it should’ve taken) from PA to VA. We spent […]

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Listening to: Letter Kills, “Time Marches On” So. Where have I been? Well, here, pretty much. Just haven’t felt like posting this week. Needed a short break. But I’m back, baby! With lots of random crap to talk about! First of all, it is going to be REALLY FREAKING HOT today. The high is 97. […]

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