Writing Mania

Listening to: Travis, “Side” Well, I’ve been a bad little blogger, haven’t I? But I’m back now. Mainly because the words, which for a while seemed to trickle out at a scary-slow pace, have returned. With a vengeance. I’m working on revisions of FLAWED, and a lot of it is fresh material. It was all […]

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There and Back

Listening to: Dispatch, “Two Coins” Oh. My. Gah– Yes, that’s right. I’m back. Again. I know I have these periods of disappearance, when life gets crazy or I get a bit burnt out on the blogging thing. And you know I do, too. So if you’ve been patient and awaited my glorious return, thank you. […]

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The Busy Bee

Listening to: The Hives, “Hate To Say I Told You So” Why haven’t I been around you ask? Oh, I don’t know…it could be blog malaise. It could be blogger’s block. Or it could be that my life has gotten so freakin’ crazy that I can’t tell my right hand from my left anymore. Okay, […]

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All right, FINE.

All right. I’ll come back. I’ve been avoiding the blog recently because, well, I just didn’t really feel like it. NaNo went south for me (and not in the good, “hey it’s warmer down here” way, more like the “this book belongs in a basement somewhere, gathering dust and being eaten by rodents” kinda way). […]

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Coming Soon

I promise you a great, big, hearty helping of Kristophrenia in the very near future. I’ve got it all planned out, I just have to actually, you know…write it. Which I will most likely do on Sunday. Because that’s the first chance I’m likely to get. Sorry I’ve been so very neglectful, of late. Let […]

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I have been horribly remiss. It’s been almost a month since I blogged. Here’s what’s going on, in short form, because I’m going away for the weekend in a few hours and I still have to shower and pack. I wrote an article for Toasted Cheese, which will be posted on the site in mid-July. […]

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Back Soon

Sorry for the MIA-ness lately. Everything’s fine, just was without internet for 9 days, and am still recovering from the shock. Will update further in the next few days.

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