Kitchen-Cleaning Dance Party

So, occasionally I harness the powers of the Internets–mainly Twitter. Last winter, I let my followers decide whether I would dye my hair blond or brown. Twitter said blond, so I went with blond. Always a good decision (and the most natural-looking for me). This past summer, I waffled over whether to wear a rather […]

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Invisible People

Listening to: The Mountain Goats, “Alpha Rats Nest” Sometimes, when I’m reviewing notes by beta readers, I’ll have little arguments with them. Note: they are not actually, physically present during these arguments. Sometimes in my head, sometimes out loud. It goes something like this: “No, really, it’s better the way I wrote it. Just trust […]

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A couple things: Tia joined the cool kids’ club (yeah, that’s right) and posted her Writer’s Story. Read it here, and here. Totally got to watch two F-18s land and then take off at work the other day. That was the excitement of my week. I feel like, with the tech writing and my personal […]

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Thoughts While Querying

Now, Dear Readers, I will take you inside a writer’s head while she performs the age old snail mail querying ritual. For those of you who have been there before, this may sound familiar. For those of you who haven’t–yes, I need medication. I know. And so it begins. This paper feels thin and cheap. […]

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One of Those Days, again

I spent most of this morning and a small part of the afternoon thinking that today was Thursday. This would just be a normal, unremarkable lapse in brain function… …if I hadn’t also ran the dryer with nothing in it. Nothing bad happened, but I still feel like an idiot. Here, have a picture of […]

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Country Living

Listening to: Dispatch, “Water Stop” This is why I love living in or near the woods: Sorry the picture’s so small, but if you look right in the middle, you’ll see a deer. She ran through the field just as I was passing the door. A rarity, that–they usually come out at sunset. We’ve seen […]

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A Few Notes

I have evidently reached that point in the novel-writing process when I am absolutely, 100% positive that I suck, and I’m totally screwing up a great idea. Don’t worry–I’ve been here before. I’m quite familiar with the territory. I know my way around. I do, however, think it’s too early to have Professional Juggler Syndrome […]

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In Your Dreams

Listening to: Senses Fail, “Can’t Be Saved” UPDATE, 4:50 PM: Finished my typing and wrote a little over 300 new words. Ridiculously easy, now that I’m caught up. 100 Words Status: I will be writing 200 words to make up for yesterday. Yes, I’m a bad, bad girl–or at least, a girl who already had […]

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When the Flame Dies

Oh, it’s a tragic story, and one that has been told many times before. Alas, I’m going to tell it again. Girl writes novel. Girl, while writing novel, inevitably falls in love with novel and characters therein. Several months of joyous writing fly by, every one of them packed to the brim with sweet memories. […]

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