Stupid Brain

Listening to: the voices in my head. It’s 2:37 a.m., and I’m awake. Why, you ask? Good question. Ostensibly, my insomnia is due to too much caffeine. Apparently, I’m getting old (the gray hairs that multiply every time my roots start to show agree). But something happened in the three hours I lay awake in […]

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Early Morning Calls

I love my friends, I really do. Even when they call me at 1:15 a.m., leave a long, rambling message in which it is discovered that they called me for song lyrics, and neglect to wish me a happy birthday while they’re at it…. *Grits teeth* I do love my friends, I do love my […]

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The Insomnia Returns…

Listening to: Less than Jake, “Mostly Memories” Well, I guess I won’t be taking Ambien anymore. My doc only prescribed it last month, after a long bout of insomnia left me frazzled and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I thought it was a freakin‘ godsend, and I really loved that I could fall […]

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