From out of the darkness

I have returned. Sorry for my long absence, unless you enjoyed it, in which case…well, I don’t blame you. I’ve been dealing with some stress, and some vague melancholy and restlessness, and tinkering endlessly with the novel. I just haven’t felt like blogging…haven’t felt like I had much to say. Bu I realized a few […]

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Back From the Brink

Listening to: Everclear, “Glorious” That’s right kids, I have returned from the muddle of surgery and recovery. I’m doing lots better now, although the first day or two were mind-blowingly painful. Just sitting up was a two-person job. But the gallbladder is out, and I now have one fewer organ than the average person. I’ve […]

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Been a few days since I’ve updated. The weekend alternated between busy (company picnic in Virginia Beach, shopping trip) and lazy/malaisey (coining a word here–I’m a writer, I’m allowed). Not much progress on the writing front, except that today I finally got past a scene that was driving me crazy. I’m very uncertain about it, […]

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Mystery of the Rose

Listening to: Bayside, “Masterpiece” Now, this is just plain weird. I have this beautiful Don Juan climbing rosebush I planted last spring. I planted it next to the stairs leading to our sunporch, and this summer I plan to buy a trellis it can climb on. I’ve always loved roses, and the blooms off this […]

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It’s been a long, long while…

Listening to: Sugarcult, “Do It Alone” Sorry for the prolonged absence, imaginary readers. I’ve been up, down, out of town, back in town–you name it. And now I’m trying to procrastinate, and what better way to do that than the good ol’ blog? The current upheaval in my life is waiting to hear whether we’re […]

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Back from the Dead

Haven’t been posting much because I felt like no one was reading it. But I’m realizing that this thing is more for me than the rest of the world. Although, if that were true, I would just keep an actual private journal or something. So, not really just for me. But mostly for me. It’s […]

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