And so I ask the Internets…

Listening to: Fallout Boy, “Homesick at Space Camp” I came up with an idea a few months ago. At first, I was all gung-ho. Now I’m vacillating back and forth, unable to really decide. So I thought, since it involves the Internet, I would ask the Internet. I fully welcome any and all honest opinions […]

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One of Those Days, again

I spent most of this morning and a small part of the afternoon thinking that today was Thursday. This would just be a normal, unremarkable lapse in brain function… …if I hadn’t also ran the dryer with nothing in it. Nothing bad happened, but I still feel like an idiot. Here, have a picture of […]

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One of Those Days

At the drug store, I spent too much money on makeup, then signed on the wrong line for the cold medicine I bought (have to show ID and sign your life, soul, and future offspring away to buy anything effective anymore). Then I turned to leave and knocked over a heavy metal magazine rack…which, thankfully, […]

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*Headdesk* I just realized that, due to an omission in my record-keeping, I simultaneously queried two agents at the same agency. One I queried two months ago, via post, and haven’t gotten a reply from. The second I queried just today–also via post, and the mailman probably picked the letter up half an hour ago. […]

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