No, not my wedding anniversary. Not the anniversary of anything writing-related. Not even the anniversary of when we got Shakespeare the Bitey Cat. No, tomorrow is what I call the Dispatchiversary. Four years ago tomorrow, I traveled to Boston with my brother and about 15 of his closest friends to see our favorite band, Dispatch, […]

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A Writer’s Story, Part III

Listening to: Birds. If you couldn’t guess that by now, you’re a bit slow. Get caught up: Part I, Part II So, after the inspired flurry of my first “novel” over ten years before, and a decade of wandering and wondering…I had a job interview. A little less than three years ago today, in fact. […]

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A Writer’s Story, Part II

Listening to: More birds chirping. It’s still today for me, which is yesterday for you. Ah, the magic of the internet and blog drafts. For Part I in the story of how I became a writer, click here. In the grand tradition of all trilogies, the middle is where it gets dark. Just warning you. […]

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A Writer’s Story, Part I

Listening to: the birds chirping in the trees. I’m relaxing on the front porch after a busy weekend with the in-laws. Pictures of my pretty, pretty flowers to come sometime this week. Every writer has a story. I’m not necessarily talking about the stories we slave over, dream about, and furiously brainstorm as we drive […]

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Writing in the Dark

Listening to: Paul Simon, “Kodachrome” I’ve been writing since I was just a little thing, when my second grade teacher told my mom I had a gift for storytelling. It was definitely that particular event that inspired me to be a writer–hey, I thought, at least I’m good at something. May as well run with […]

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One Year

Listening to: Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, “Save the Best for Last” (Anyone else think it’s awesome that a band is able to make a living and a name from being, essentially, a cover band?) Hey! Today’s the one year anniversary of my very first blog post. It’s a Blogiversary! And my very second […]

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