Adventures in Crazytown

Listening to: Thrice, “Stare at the Sun” So I guess I’ve officially lost my mind.* I’m doing something I swore I’d never do unless I had to…writing two novels at once. *Gulp* But wait! There’s more! The novels are written from different POVs–one’s in first person, and the other is in third person with multiple […]

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POV Snobs

Ugh. Diana Peterfreund and Jenwriter both wrote very cogent blog posts about POV snobbery–specifically, first person POV snobbery, and now I’m all up in arms.* Evidently, only amateurs use first person. Everybody knows Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Daphne du Maurier, and Charlotte Bronte were hacks. Rank amateurs, the whole lot of ’em. I mean, […]

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POV and Voice

Listening to: The Weakerthans, “Plea From a Cat Named Virtute”Note: This is one of the best songs EVER…written from the point of view of a cat, speaking to his depressed owner. Brilliant. Sample lyrics: Lie down, lick the sorrow from your skin,scratch the terror and beginto believe you’re strong…Started my short story for the Dead […]

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