Listening to: Journey, “Don’t Stop Believin’”. Oh, hush up and let me have my sentimental fun, will ya? =) I have no idea how to really start this blog post, so I’m just gonna dive in headfirst. I have an agent. As of this morning, I’ve officially accepted representation from Marlene Stringer of the Stringer […]

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There and Back

Listening to: Dispatch, “Two Coins” Oh. My. Gah– Yes, that’s right. I’m back. Again. I know I have these periods of disappearance, when life gets crazy or I get a bit burnt out on the blogging thing. And you know I do, too. So if you’ve been patient and awaited my glorious return, thank you. […]

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Thoughts While Querying

Now, Dear Readers, I will take you inside a writer’s head while she performs the age old snail mail querying ritual. For those of you who have been there before, this may sound familiar. For those of you who haven’t–yes, I need medication. I know. And so it begins. This paper feels thin and cheap. […]

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And we’re off…

Listening to: Bayside, “Masterpiece” …to the races. That’s right, I sent my queries out a week earlier than I said I would. Ha! Tricked you. Well, I sent two e-queries off into the unknown. The other three are going snail mail, and I was snowed in yesterday. I have that familiar nervous feeling, but not […]

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From out of the darkness

I have returned. Sorry for my long absence, unless you enjoyed it, in which case…well, I don’t blame you. I’ve been dealing with some stress, and some vague melancholy and restlessness, and tinkering endlessly with the novel. I just haven’t felt like blogging…haven’t felt like I had much to say. Bu I realized a few […]

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Gathering Info

Listening to: Lagwagon, “Violins” I’m still searching for appropriate agents to submit to, as well as gathering information for the ones I choose. This process has never taken so long, but I’ve grown much pickier about which agents will go in the Magical Spreadsheet of Joy, and I also collect more information. I got a […]

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From the "WTF?" Files

I just remembered–I had a dream last night that my dream agent called me up and offered representation…on the condition that I both lengthen my novel, and remove exactly 1300 instances of the word “the.” Of course I said yes.

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*Headdesk* I just realized that, due to an omission in my record-keeping, I simultaneously queried two agents at the same agency. One I queried two months ago, via post, and haven’t gotten a reply from. The second I queried just today–also via post, and the mailman probably picked the letter up half an hour ago. […]

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The Worst Part

Definitely, unquestionably, without a doubt, there is one part of sending e-queries that makes me shudder in horror. It’s not the speed with which I amass rejections–no, no, I actually don’t mind that so much. The sooner I can mark an agent off my list, the less soul-crushing hope I have building up inside me. […]

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105 Word Hook!

Listening to: Pulley, “A Bad Reputation” Okay, so I didn’t quite make it to 100 words. Pretty close, though, and the end result is a lot cleaner and simpler. I definitely have this article to thank–that example really spurred me on. Tia still beat me, though! 99 words–talk about rising to the challenge! Feel free […]

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