Listening to: The Thermals, “Now We Can See” I picture a couple of yodelers calling that post title out from a mountaintop like in the old Ricola commercials. Okaaaay…moving on. Finished the first draft of PINK BANDANA GIRLS last week. Damn, did that feel good. All told, it took me just as many months to […]

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Return to Revisionland

Listening to: Damien Rice, “Cannonball” The betas have spoken. When you hear the same comment from several people on a major aspect of your story, you pretty much have to listen. Eventually. After like, the sixth person says it. Maybe. I’ve struggled a lot with this particular aspect, which was having my protagonist (Freya) in […]

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Listening to: Jack Johnson, “Holes to Heaven”. Gotta say, it’s nice to have a laptop with speakers that I don’t cover with my hands when I type. Much more logical, yes?. I’m still stuck in Revisionland. It seems like I’ve been revising this book forever, but it’s only been since December 8. Yeah, yeah, that’s […]

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When the Voices Won’t Stop

Listening to: Chronic Future, “Shellshocked” There. After a week of polishing and shining and finding typos, and sweating over this manuscript, it’s off to the editor who requested it at the conference. I made many changes, not any huge ones but several that fixed some minor problems people brought to my attention,* and quite a […]

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Listening to: Yellowcard, “Miles Apart” No matter how many times I and other people read through my manuscript, I still stumble upon typos when I go over it again. Beautiful, wondrous typos that make me burst into laughter at 4 a.m., like this gem: “…his breath sent an electric sock down my spine.” Teehee. Better […]

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