Adventures in Crazytown

Listening to: Thrice, “Stare at the Sun” So I guess I’ve officially lost my mind.* I’m doing something I swore I’d never do unless I had to…writing two novels at once. *Gulp* But wait! There’s more! The novels are written from different POVs–one’s in first person, and the other is in third person with multiple […]

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The Fear

Fear is a huge thing in this writing game. I’m afraid that I’ll never make it as far as I want to. I’m afraid that the words will stop coming. I’m afraid that the ideas will dry up. I’m afraid that each novel won’t live up to what I have in my head. I’m afraid […]

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So, yeah. As I’m sure I mentioned previously, I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year. Last year I died off right around day two. Hey, on days three and four, I was moving from one state back to another…I was a little busy, okay? This year, however, my motto is “No Excuses.”* Nothing is gonna stop […]

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