Listening to: Jack Johnson, “Holes to Heaven”. Gotta say, it’s nice to have a laptop with speakers that I don’t cover with my hands when I type. Much more logical, yes?. I’m still stuck in Revisionland. It seems like I’ve been revising this book forever, but it’s only been since December 8. Yeah, yeah, that’s […]

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All right, FINE.

All right. I’ll come back. I’ve been avoiding the blog recently because, well, I just didn’t really feel like it. NaNo went south for me (and not in the good, “hey it’s warmer down here” way, more like the “this book belongs in a basement somewhere, gathering dust and being eaten by rodents” kinda way). […]

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Invisible People

Listening to: The Mountain Goats, “Alpha Rats Nest” Sometimes, when I’m reviewing notes by beta readers, I’ll have little arguments with them. Note: they are not actually, physically present during these arguments. Sometimes in my head, sometimes out loud. It goes something like this: “No, really, it’s better the way I wrote it. Just trust […]

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Off and Running

Listening to: Rise Against, “Life Less Frightening” For several days there, I was really avoiding my revisions. Probably that whole “character motivation” thing. I had no idea how I was going to pull that off, and I knew it would be somewhat difficult, and I haven’t written anything new in this novel for at least […]

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Meme Time

I decided to stick around. I like this too much to stop.___________________ Tia did this meme yesterday, and I thought maybe I would follow suit and do it today. 1. Do you outline?Not in any great detail, no. If I start feeling stuck or blocked, I might sketch out possible routes, but I generally just […]

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From the Title to the Plot…

Okay. So, as I careen towards the finish line on my first editing pass, I’ve been fretting about the idea for my next book. I can’t help it. I just feel like the idea…isn’t what I want. It’s good (maybe), and I could make it interesting (I think). But I don’t want it. The other […]

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Professional Decision Makers

One of my friends recently said, “Writers are professional decision makers.” He got the quote from somewhere else, not sure where–but it’s true no matter where it originated. Every word, sentence, paragraph, scene, chapter break…whose POV do I use here? What’s going to happen next? What’s her motivation? Is it strong enough to make her […]

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