Listening to: Yellowcard, “Miles Apart” No matter how many times I and other people read through my manuscript, I still stumble upon typos when I go over it again. Beautiful, wondrous typos that make me burst into laughter at 4 a.m., like this gem: “…his breath sent an electric sock down my spine.” Teehee. Better […]

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Best. Typo. Ever.

“If anyone stares too long out the window, create a diversion. Drop a glass, fake a heart attack, anything.” Rilla let out a loud huff of air. “Yeah, right. No problem. Should I put on a clown shit and do a little jig?” Oh, yes. Please put on the clown shit, Rilla.

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Typo of the Day

At the sight of Charlie’s room–and his bed–a lightning blot of pain ripped through me. It’s like a combination between a BLOB and a BOLT. “Man, did you see that misshapen lightning strike earlier? It was like a blot of lightning.” Or something. -K.

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