1000 Rules for Writing

Listening to: In-Flight Safety, “Model Homes” The Guardian this past weekend ran a long, long feature in which novelists, playwrights, and other mystical beings who spend their days grappling with words listed their personal writing rules. Of course, I couldn’t help but spend far too much time reading it. By the time I finished, my […]

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The Internet & Publishing

It hasn’t, in the grand scheme of things, been that long since I started writing my first novel and stumbled over to the Internet, about halfway through, because I suddenly wondered what to do with the thing. And yet so much has changed since then. When I started querying that first novel, I needed a […]

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Listening to: The Thermals, “Now We Can See” I picture a couple of yodelers calling that post title out from a mountaintop like in the old Ricola commercials. Okaaaay…moving on. Finished the first draft of PINK BANDANA GIRLS last week. Damn, did that feel good. All told, it took me just as many months to […]

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Agent Crit Giveaway

Listening to: Switchfoot, “More Than Fine” Attention writer friends: In researching agents to query, I discovered that Caren Johnson is giving away a free 3-chapter or 30-page and synopsis critique. Details here, toward the bottom of the post. Genre and subject don’t matter–she’ll critique it even if she doesn’t rep it. Winner picked randomly and […]

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Fixing It

Listening to: Dispatch, “Drive” Well, I’m on my way to fixing the problem with the book. I broke down and made an outline of how it should go, and I’m going through scene by scene to make the necessary changes. It feels pretty good to get this done, and I think the story will benefit […]

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