On Writing…and Waiting to Write

Listening to: Dispatch, “Melon Bend” So about three years ago, I read an article that gave me a great idea for a short story. It was about a family that discovered a runaway teenager who’d been living in their attic for months. When the family left the house for the day, the kid would leave […]

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Adventures in Crazytown

Listening to: Thrice, “Stare at the Sun” So I guess I’ve officially lost my mind.* I’m doing something I swore I’d never do unless I had to…writing two novels at once. *Gulp* But wait! There’s more! The novels are written from different POVs–one’s in first person, and the other is in third person with multiple […]

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Writing Mania

Listening to: Travis, “Side” Well, I’ve been a bad little blogger, haven’t I? But I’m back now. Mainly because the words, which for a while seemed to trickle out at a scary-slow pace, have returned. With a vengeance. I’m working on revisions of FLAWED, and a lot of it is fresh material. It was all […]

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1000 Rules for Writing

Listening to: In-Flight Safety, “Model Homes” The Guardian this past weekend ran a long, long feature in which novelists, playwrights, and other mystical beings who spend their days grappling with words listed their personal writing rules. Of course, I couldn’t help but spend far too much time reading it. By the time I finished, my […]

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Micro Month

Listening to: Motion City Soundtrack, “Worker Bee” So when 2010 started out, I was pretty much open to anything. I’ve been doing the novel thing and little else for several years now, and although I always tell myself I’ll write a short story here or there, I never actually do. I needed something new to […]

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Grammar, Em Dashes, and a Cameo

As anyone who’s glanced at my Twitter feed during the editing phase will know, I have a slight em dash problem. Like my other writing tics (I have a whole list), it’s a problem I clear up during revision, and then I complain about it on Twitter. Elizabeth Ditty, one of the Evil Cabal, just […]

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Why I Changed My Mind

Listening to: Kings of Convenience, “Power of Not Knowing” Note: After I write this, I am fully prepared to go into hiding and save myself from the Evil Cabal of Evil Alter Egos, who are all going to KILL ME. So, uh…I decided not to do NaNo. Now wait, before you pile on…this is a […]

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PIE! (and other things)

Listening to: KaiserCartel, “Favorite Song” (This song is so adorable & sweet, I recommend you give it a listen) Here’s the pie from last Thursday’s Fall Bakeoff on Twitter. Apple with a crumb topping. It was pretty good, but I’ll do a few things differently next time. Thinking of making another one this week, and […]

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Listening to: The Thermals, “Now We Can See” I picture a couple of yodelers calling that post title out from a mountaintop like in the old Ricola commercials. Okaaaay…moving on. Finished the first draft of PINK BANDANA GIRLS last week. Damn, did that feel good. All told, it took me just as many months to […]

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When You Can’t Stop

Okay, so the tale of the epic road trip will be continued at a later date. Why, you ask? Because there’s only one freaking story I’m interested in telling, and that’s the one I’ve been writing for months. This thing has pulled me in so deep that it’s practically all I can think about. I’m […]

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