If the glass is full / Drink up! Drink up! / This may be the last time / we see this cup…

…If God wanted us sober
He’d knock the glass over
So while it is full we drink up!

I shouldn’t even read book review and publishing blogs. They get me into trouble.

For instance, Galleycat led me to this entry from the Book Examiner, which makes me want to grab Gatsby and a gimlet. I’m seriously considering having a reading party after NaNo, during which I and my nerdiest friends read classic lit and drink suitable cocktails.

Yeah. I’m totally serious. That is how nerdy I am.

Then I’m sifting through back entries on the Examiner and I find this one about the Daily Lit website, which will now be sending me daily bite-sized portions of The Secret Garden (re-reading for nostalgia’s sake), The Awakening, Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Daisy Miller, The French Revolution, History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and both the Wikipedia Tours: Famous Women Throughout History, and Greek Mythology.

Clearly, I have no self-control.

Then I hop over to Bookninja, and find the Internet time-waster of the day, which you can find here. Go and do this, please. I command you.

Seriously, I love the Internet. I love, love, love the Internet.



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If we weren’t complete nerds, we wouldn’t do what we do.

I say throw that party, and make sure someone shows up with a copy of Beowulf and some mead.



OMG! Brilliant.



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