Kitchen-Cleaning Dance Party

So, occasionally I harness the powers of the Internets–mainly Twitter.

Last winter, I let my followers decide whether I would dye my hair blond or brown. Twitter said blond, so I went with blond. Always a good decision (and the most natural-looking for me).

This past summer, I waffled over whether to wear a rather revealing shirt that has sat in my drawer for ten years down to the annual motorcycle rally. Everyone said, “DO IT!” and advised me to bring a cardigan in case I got uncomfortable. I did it, and I’m glad I did–now that shirt no longer stares accusingly at me every time I open my dresser.

And this past Friday, I mentioned to twitter that too much caffeine had turned my cleaning frenzy into a dance party. Jen Hayley said one word in reply: Video!

She REALLY should’ve known better.

Also, welcome to my new website! Please change your bookmarks accordingly.


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So I haven’t stopped by in a while. Congrats on your new internet home and on being agented! I’ll be sure to come over here now as opposed to blogger.

The video is great. 🙂



That was pretty awesome, but I think we deserve to see the uncut version! 😉 I like the new site — snazzy!



You videoed yourself cleaning and dancing. You are such a loop! Ha!



@Nicole Thanks! I feel very much at home here. Hope you visit again soon!

@Ditty Due to the camera angle, a great deal of footage is my butt shaking. This is…not awesome. 😉

@Carrie All this, and frogs too!



Wow. Your website knew who I was. Scary.

Best of luck with the new site (very slick!) and I hope it inspires you to post more often.



Love the new digs. =o)

Cleaning and dancing? Sounds like an awesome exercise routine. Maybe I’ll try it out when I’m scrubbing the kitchen today. LOL



Thanks, Tia! Yeah, for the past month or so, anytime I’ve thought of blogging, I just desperately wanted to do it on the new site. So here we are, and I’ll be back in blogging form immediately. =)

@B.E. Definitely burns more calories that way. And you’d be surprised what cleaning tools can be used as guitars, microphones, drumsticks…



Music in teh background of your video? Have you learned nothing by my example? 😉

Nice place you have here btw 🙂



@Stephanie The artist is put out by what I hope is a more progressive-thinking label than certain other labels who shall go unnamed . 😉

And thanks! I still need to find a way to get my blogroll just listed on the blog itself, so as to keep the front page clean, and get an RSS feed going–but the meat of what I wanted is here, at least.



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