Bright Ideas

Listening to: Citizen Cope, Bullet and a Target

So one thing that’s been bugging me as I finish this book is, of course…what’s the next one gonna be? I can’t help it. I’m a writer. We’re neurotic, okay?

Well, it came to me as I was driving to my mom’s house last weekend…out of nowhere. It seems everyone has their special times and places where ideas just come to them, and driving is mine. Because the very next day as I was driving up to my dad’s house, another idea came to me. For a book that isn’t even in my genre. I write YA, tending towards contemporary fantasy, and this one would be a mystery. Craziness!

So now I’m all excited to finish this one and start on the next, even though I’m not totally ready to start it yet. I have a lot more planning to do. My mom helped me out a bit with that as we drove to my grandma’s…I told her my idea, and she started filling in all these blanks and coming up with ideas that hadn’t occurred to me. I guess I know where to go the next time I’m stuck on some detail….

In other news, I’ll be playing violin at my cousin’s wedding next year. I sort of volunteered/was asked to do this, and it should be interesting. Heck, the wedding itself should be interesting, because her fiance’s family is Mennonite. That means no music at the reception, and I’m fairly certain no alcohol, either. Which is really okay…my family is crazy enough without booze.

More later.