This is the online home of YA writer Kristy Baxter. My stories have appeared in Youth Imagination MagazineThe 2017 Silver Pen Anthologyand The Binge-Watching Cure. I also write books about people made of stars, mermaids, monsters who really aren’t monsters, friendship, and sisterhood.

Want to read a poignant story about a girl who, after suffering a devastating loss, must find a way to face her new future or else lose herself in the past? Go HERE to read it for free, or go HERE to buy it in a lovely anthology featuring lots of fantastic writers.

Or…is a tale of love shining through adversity, set in a hardscrabble milling and mining town right on the cusp of a devastating natural disaster, more your style? Here ya go! And there are tons of great stories in there, too, ranging from a few words to novella-length. Enjoy!

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I'm in ur bookz, judging ur grammar.


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