Happy Thanksgiving…

… to my American readers, a little bit in advance. We’re off to the in-laws, then to see my mom. Posting will be sporadic, if it happens at all, for the next several days. I hope everyone enjoys their turkey and has as little family discord as possible…but enough to keep things interesting. Me, I’m […]

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That Old Feeling

Listening to: Guster, “Empire State” Behold: They’re all reading my most recent novel. I didn’t force them, bribe them, or otherwise coerce them–they all volunteered. And they really went to town on the thing, I might add. Ashley (brown hair, red shirt), Josh (only male, obviously), and I had a long discussion about description of […]

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In a slow, quiet, melancholy mood today. I might abandon the project I started for NaNo (not the Super Extra Top Sekrit Project), and lots of other things are going on in my head, and I feel the only music I can listen to on such an afternoon is The Mountain Goats. Other awesome songs: […]

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POV and Voice

Listening to: The Weakerthans, “Plea From a Cat Named Virtute”Note: This is one of the best songs EVER…written from the point of view of a cat, speaking to his depressed owner. Brilliant. Sample lyrics: Lie down, lick the sorrow from your skin,scratch the terror and beginto believe you’re strong…Started my short story for the Dead […]

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One of Those Days, again

I spent most of this morning and a small part of the afternoon thinking that today was Thursday. This would just be a normal, unremarkable lapse in brain function… …if I hadn’t also ran the dryer with nothing in it. Nothing bad happened, but I still feel like an idiot. Here, have a picture of […]

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I know I just posted about ten seconds ago, but I had to mention this… The contest I mentioned in this entry a few days ago? The creator and one of the judges (same person, not two separate entities, to clarify) happened to find my blog via NaNo, and of course the most recent entry […]

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Wonder of all wonders…

Listening to: O.A.R., “That Was a Crazy Game of Poker” (Ahh…college memories). I actually got some writing done last night. I think I just needed to get past a scene that was becoming incredibly boring and dragging out forever. Sometimes, when the words aren’t flowing and the scene just seems stuck, you have to ask […]

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Let it Freakin’ Snow.

Listening to: The New Amsterdams, “Story Like a Scar” Winter continues here in Pennsylvania. I woke up to a yard covered in white and dark green splotches, since the blanket of snow is not yet complete. I feel like I went straight from summer to winter–it was 65 degrees when I left Virginia last weekend. […]

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Well, it’s officially snowing. It won’t stick, but it’s floating down, little white flakes of coldness. This must be PA’s way of saying, “See? Now don’t you wish you’d stayed in Virginia?”

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Home Sweet Home

Listening to: Rooney, “Losing All Control” Back in good ol’ freezing cold Pennsylvania. To celebrate, I just made some chili–my mom’s recipe–and it’s simmering in the crock pot. That’s definitely something I would come to miss, if I moved permanently to a warmer climate. Not just chili, but all those comforting, cold-weather things: a good, […]

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