A Thundery Weekend

Since we had a glut of writing stuff last week, today’s post will be pictures and fun. I like to keep you on your toes, after all. This weekend in my lovely town was Thunder in the Valley, when Johnstown welcomes all the bikers it can handle. In honor of the event, I swallow my […]

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A Writer’s Story, Part III

Listening to: Birds. If you couldn’t guess that by now, you’re a bit slow. Get caught up: Part I, Part II So, after the inspired flurry of my first “novel” over ten years before, and a decade of wandering and wondering…I had a job interview. A little less than three years ago today, in fact. […]

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A Writer’s Story, Part II

Listening to: More birds chirping. It’s still today for me, which is yesterday for you. Ah, the magic of the internet and blog drafts. For Part I in the story of how I became a writer, click here. In the grand tradition of all trilogies, the middle is where it gets dark. Just warning you. […]

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A Writer’s Story, Part I

Listening to: the birds chirping in the trees. I’m relaxing on the front porch after a busy weekend with the in-laws. Pictures of my pretty, pretty flowers to come sometime this week. Every writer has a story. I’m not necessarily talking about the stories we slave over, dream about, and furiously brainstorm as we drive […]

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Coming Soon

I promise you a great, big, hearty helping of Kristophrenia in the very near future. I’ve got it all planned out, I just have to actually, you know…write it. Which I will most likely do on Sunday. Because that’s the first chance I’m likely to get. Sorry I’ve been so very neglectful, of late. Let […]

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I have been horribly remiss. It’s been almost a month since I blogged. Here’s what’s going on, in short form, because I’m going away for the weekend in a few hours and I still have to shower and pack. I wrote an article for Toasted Cheese, which will be posted on the site in mid-July. […]

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