An Old Fiend

A short play in one act.Setting: A small, cottage-like house in South Central PennsylvaniaCharacters:Kristy: A twenty-something brunette (since last weekend) writer, doggedly working on her fifth novel, a feat which she is using NaNoWriMo to completeWriter’s Block: A grizzled old man with straggly gray hair and a smug grin The doorbell rings. Kristy answers the […]

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NaNo Status Update, Day 11

Hit 19k words tonight. I think I’ve lost my plot. Has anyone seen it? It’s about yea high, not particularly bright, a bit clumsy, with a few half-hearted twists. If seen, please call the number on its collar (1-800-MYPLOTSUX). I’d offer a reward, but…eh. Seriously, though, I’m at that point. YOU know. That point. Where […]

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NaNoWriMo Top Five

Listening to: The Flobots, “Handlebars”…again. Really like this song. Top Five Reasons Why I Will Never Do NaNo Again After one week–seven days, yo–and 14k words…my brain, it is dead. The funeral is tomorrow. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to The Society for People Who Join Ridiculous Writing Endeavors. I can no longer […]

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Our Right

Eighty-eight years ago, we, as females, were given something we should’ve had all along–the right to tramp to the ballot box and cast our vote alongside men, to be counted equally. That’s right, we have had this right for less than ninety years. I’m sure some of you have grandparents older than that. Here, in […]

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