The Fear

Fear is a huge thing in this writing game. I’m afraid that I’ll never make it as far as I want to. I’m afraid that the words will stop coming. I’m afraid that the ideas will dry up. I’m afraid that each novel won’t live up to what I have in my head. I’m afraid […]

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In Between

So I’ve carried this idea in my head for almost a year now. It started as just a germ of something, inspired by a big news story. After that FLDS compound in Texas was raided last April, I decided I wanted to write something involving a fundamentalist religious cult of some kind. That was it. […]

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The Busy Bee

Listening to: The Hives, “Hate To Say I Told You So” Why haven’t I been around you ask? Oh, I don’t know…it could be blog malaise. It could be blogger’s block. Or it could be that my life has gotten so freakin’ crazy that I can’t tell my right hand from my left anymore. Okay, […]

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