Okay. So. Confession time. This is really, really hard to admit, so I’m just gonna come right out and say it. *Braces self*. I haven’t written a word of fiction since November. Gah! I want to go run behind a chair or something, so ya’ll can’t see me. I mean, yes, I worked on the […]

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Twitter for Writers

Just popping up to send you to Toasted Cheese, where my article on Twitter for Writers is up. I think it looks so pretty with the screenshots. Still working on that query as I work on other things. I’ll get it, I just feel like there’s something I’m not quite seeing and I need to […]

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There and Back

Listening to: Dispatch, “Two Coins” Oh. My. Gah– Yes, that’s right. I’m back. Again. I know I have these periods of disappearance, when life gets crazy or I get a bit burnt out on the blogging thing. And you know I do, too. So if you’ve been patient and awaited my glorious return, thank you. […]

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