Born and raised in a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania, Kristy Baxter grew up surrounded by the forest. She went to a college on a wooded campus in a medium-sized Pennsylvania town and liked it so much she decided to stick around after graduating with her B.A. in English Lit. She lives in a house by the woods–sensing a theme here?–with her husband and their cat, Shakespeare. Watch out, he bites.

Since high school, Kristy landed in the following fields: technical support, waitressing, assembly of plastic travel mugs, journalism, technical writing, and frog wrangling.

Kristy started writing novels in 2005, if you don’t count the masterpiece she created at twelve years old. In the spring of 2008, she took a shower and came up with an idea about a girl who can foresee death. That idea morphed into GRIM LIGHT, a young adult contemporary fantasy about the same girl and the mysterious boy who keeps showing up at every death she attends.

In July of 2009, Kristy signed with Marlene Stringer of The Stringer Literary Agency. GRIM LIGHT is currently on submission to editors. Kristy is currently biting her nails.

Pointless Questions That I’ll Answer Anyway

What are your three favorite foods?
Cheese. Potatoes. Olives. If I could live on these foods alone, I would.

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
Aside from my incredible family and awesome friends, I couldn’t exist without music. Also, writing, but that much is probably obvious.

Do you speak any language other than English?
I took two years of Latin and one year of French in high school, and I remember a few words from each (agricola = farm; mon petit chou = my little cabbage). I am, however, fluent in Double-B, a language we used to speak in my childhood. Whabbat, youbbou’ve nebbevebber heabbeard obbof ibbit?

Coffee or tea?
Coffee in the morning, first thing. Tea in the afternoon, at least in fall and winter. On summer afternoons, I salivate for iced mochas. Really, I’m not far away from having a 24-hour-a-day caffeine drip installed.

Why do you love the woods so much?
Trees, duh. They’re pretty. And I grew up in the woods, creating imaginary worlds with my siblings–the forest was my first manuscript. Also: trees.

Where do you write?
Anywhere I can, but I have a few favorite places. The awesome cafe I frequent, on the patio on a summer afternoon, with an iced mocha within reach and the regulars chatting away nearby. At an all-night restaurant, coffee in hand, glancing up as people come and go. In my basement office, with my husband at his desk behind me.

Why did you name your cat Shakespeare?
Because I’m a dork. I really have no better answer.

What the heck is frog wrangling?
A highly specialized profession requiring speed, quick wits, and enormous amounts of patience.

Do you ever shut up?
When asked politely.

Could you please quiet down over there?

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