Angels at the Beach

This is what happens when I take a day off and go to the beach:

(Note: there is no sound to this video, as it was taken with my plain ol’ digital camera. And that’s unfortunate, because the sound was half the coolness. Oh, and sorry for the shaky-cam effect–I’m not the best videographer. Just focus on the two dots that appear over the ocean at about six seconds in, in the center of the frame. After that, you’ll see what you’re supposed to see.)

Pretty cool, huh? It’s the Blue Angels, in case you can’t see the colors and markings of the planes. They have an air show in VA Beach on Saturday, so I guess they were running drills. In the process, they were flying right over our heads. Repeatedly. And I swear, while I was in the water, one of them did a nose-over-tail flip after he came out of the curve. Maybe it was just the different perspective, I don’t know, but it was still awesome.

Here are some stills:

Pretty cool, huh?

Now I have to get some work done. Neptune commands it.

Go forth and write, or I’ll poke you with my trident.

2 thoughts on “Angels at the Beach

  1. Hilarious Neptune statue! We live near a naval airbase as well, and get to see all sorts of aircraft.

  2. The Blue Angels hit my town in California every October. I’ve been watching them since I was kid!

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