To the Writers: A Call to Action

Dear Writer Friends: Some of you—a lot of you—are feeling pretty hopeless today. It’s hard to keep going when you feel that way. And I know I’m going to come off as Little Suzy Sunshine here, but trust me, I’m struggling right along with you, desperate to believe each Facebook post and tweet that’s straining […]

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Tuesday Book Birthday Extravaganza

Okay, so after a bit of a hiatus (understatement, anyone?), I’m going to dive headfirst back into this whole blogging thing. So bear with me as I work out the kinks and polish off the rust, yeah? I’ve decided to do a feature every Tuesday–publishing’s traditional “new release” day–with info on some of the latest […]

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The Next Big Thing

Author Wende Dikec tagged me to answer a few questions about my work in progress, and you know I’ll never turn down an opportunity to talk about my books, so here we go! What is your working title of your book? SHATTER AND FALL Where did the idea come from for the book? At a […]

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On Writing…and Waiting to Write

Listening to: Dispatch, “Melon Bend” So about three years ago, I read an article that gave me a great idea for a short story. It was about a family that discovered a runaway teenager who’d been living in their attic for months. When the family left the house for the day, the kid would leave […]

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The Great Tetris War of 2011

Listening to: The Mountain Goats, “Collapsing Stars” There’s a war being waged in my living room. It’s one of a long line of wars that have come and gone over the past several years: the Epic SSX Tricky War of 2005 (which began when Husband told me, “You probably won’t be very good at this […]

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Adventures in Crazytown

Listening to: Thrice, “Stare at the Sun” So I guess I’ve officially lost my mind.* I’m doing something I swore I’d never do unless I had to…writing two novels at once. *Gulp* But wait! There’s more! The novels are written from different POVs–one’s in first person, and the other is in third person with multiple […]

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Kristy vs. The Wasp

So, I’m quite the girly girl. I’m not sure if this will surprise those who really know me or not. I’m don’t know how visible or obvious it is. I wear semi-battered Chucks almost constantly, I’m far more comfortable in ripped capris than a skirt, and I love a good dirty pun. But put me […]

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