Awesome Mamas

This week, is embarking on a project to channel our love for our mothers into a project to benefit the work of one awesome woman, Mama Lucy Kamptoni, who built a school for the children in her village, Arusha, Tanzania, with funds raised from a small chicken farm. That school, which began with only […]

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Writing Mania

Listening to: Travis, “Side” Well, I’ve been a bad little blogger, haven’t I? But I’m back now. Mainly because the words, which for a while seemed to trickle out at a scary-slow pace, have returned. With a vengeance. I’m working on revisions of FLAWED, and a lot of it is fresh material. It was all […]

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Frog Hunting Tales

Listening to: Dispatch, “Elias” Most of my frog-wrangling sessions go rather smoothly, especially as I become more comfortable with the frogs and better able to predict their movements. I’ve been working with Steve the Photographer since August, I think, so the job has become almost routine. Almost. We still have the occasional disaster or near-disaster. […]

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A Little Bit o’ Luck

Listening to: Pulp, “Like a Friend” So I’ve always had this weird theory about luck. I’ve thought for a long time that everyone has a certain amount. Some people–everyone knows someone like this–can win $50 from every $2 scratch-off lottery ticket they buy. They can randomly approach a slot machine, put in $10, and walk […]

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1000 Rules for Writing

Listening to: In-Flight Safety, “Model Homes” The Guardian this past weekend ran a long, long feature in which novelists, playwrights, and other mystical beings who spend their days grappling with words listed their personal writing rules. Of course, I couldn’t help but spend far too much time reading it. By the time I finished, my […]

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Follow Your Instincts

Listening to: The New Amsterdams, “Wait” Okay, I was going to complain about the weather, what with the winter storm just passed and the one to come, but then I saw a tweet that all five seasons of Daria will be released on DVD in May of this year, and I don’t have the wherewithal […]

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Micro Month

Listening to: Motion City Soundtrack, “Worker Bee” So when 2010 started out, I was pretty much open to anything. I’ve been doing the novel thing and little else for several years now, and although I always tell myself I’ll write a short story here or there, I never actually do. I needed something new to […]

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Kitchen-Cleaning Dance Party

So, occasionally I harness the powers of the Internets–mainly Twitter. Last winter, I let my followers decide whether I would dye my hair blond or brown. Twitter said blond, so I went with blond. Always a good decision (and the most natural-looking for me). This past summer, I waffled over whether to wear a rather […]

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Telling Moments

Listening to: “Audience Of One”, Rise Against I was talking with a friend a while ago, and we were discussing our favorite classic films and their best moments. Roman Holiday, of course, came up in this conversation. I can’t say it’s my favorite Audrey Hepburn film–that would be like picking my favorite star in the […]

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