Nothing to Say

Erg. I’m having another one of those weeks when I have very, very little to say. Probably because I’m putting nearly all my creative energies into the book and my violin. Or maybe just because it’s boring around here this week (although we had a great weekend, with friends visiting and German Beer Gardens and baseball games and fireworks!).

So, I think I’ll take a break for a few days and let my blogging batteries recharge. I’ll be back…oh, let’s say Friday.

5 thoughts on “Nothing to Say

  1. I forgot that you play the violin as well. My daughter has been making me practice more! I’ve taken it up again after many years, but I was never very good to begin with. Right now I’m working on some slow pieces in order to develop better bow control. I need to re-hair my brazilwood bow, because I can only play my synthetic bow one way — loud.

    I could not find your email address. If you’re still interested in beta reading for me, please email me at tia.nevitt “at” Thanks!

  2. I’m discovering just how important bow control is–I don’t think I realized it all those years I played before. I guess when you play alone, as opposed to with an orchestra, you notice certain things more.

    Email is on its way!

  3. My instructor focused too much on speed, I think. And then I joined an orchestra way too soon. But it was fun.

    I’m working on Edelweiss (transposed to D major), Danny Boy (again in D) and Red River Valley (in A, played with no vibrato for that fiddle effect). All allow for shifts to third position without being too challenging.

  4. Kristin, I feel the same way. I’m totally having trouble being interesting on the blog. haha!

  5. Tia, those sound lovely. For me, it was always playing with a group, ever since 3rd grade. At some point, we probably could’ve afforded some private lessons, but we just never got around to it. I might have to try those particular pieces.

    Kelly, we all have our boring days, lol! It’s a little like being on stage every day…and no one could pull that off and be a hit every time. =)

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