Buy a Book, Save the World–Pass it on!

Everyone else has already said it better than I could (right down to the post title, which I only added my little encouragement tag to at the end), so I’ll let you read them.

Now, git on out of here and buy a book. Any book, so long as it’s new. Then pass these links along like hot potatoes, because we all have to do our part. Then, if you want, come back here and post in the comments, and tell us what book you bought. Shiny gold stars* to all my special friends who buy something and let me know. And to any of you who don’t…well, no gold star. You’re not special.

I’m going to the Tour de Nerdfighter event in Pittsburgh tonight, so I’ll be buying at least one book to get signed. Probably more. Because when the publishing industry is in decline and everyone’s running around in terror, and my career has yet to even begin…

…what better comfort can I find, than a good book?

*Seriously. I’m going to use my questionable art skills to make gold stars. Or something.

2 thoughts on “Buy a Book, Save the World–Pass it on!

  1. Okay, I bought two. =o)

    (And just for the record, I have no idea why my comments email you and no one else. You’re the one who’s special. :grin:)

  2. Yay! Go B.E.! Together, we shall save the industry.

    The funny thing is, I have my blog (set up to email me when I get comments. Apparently, it ignores this request for all but one commenter. But yeah, I am special, aren’t I? =)

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