No, not my wedding anniversary. Not the anniversary of anything writing-related. Not even the anniversary of when we got Shakespeare the Bitey Cat. No, tomorrow is what I call the Dispatchiversary. Four years ago tomorrow, I traveled to Boston with my brother and about 15 of his closest friends to see our favorite band, Dispatch, […]

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Flying the Coop

Going to D.C. to see the Mountain Goats. This is my first trip to D.C., although I’ve driven past it what seems like a thousand times. Looking forward to seeing some cherry blossoms, a monument or two–and, of course, a good show. What is everyone else doing this weekend?

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Adventures in Virginia

Listening to: Guster, “Backyard” What a weekend…it just flew right by. Saw 1408 on Friday, and I highly recommend it. It doesn’t rely on the blood, guts, gore, and cheap shocks that the current crop of horror flicks can’t do without. Pure psychological suspense, some nice cinematography, and of course, JOHN CUSACK. But to his […]

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