Calling All Nerds

Listening to: Weezer, “The Good Life” I am calling out to my fellow nerds, geeks, and dorks, in the hope that you will join an ongoing project/movement dedicated to decreasing worldsuck. First, some background. The Brotherhood 2.0 project, which I’ve mentioned once or twice before, is an ongoing video blog by John and Hank Green, […]

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Running on Empty

I am fresh out of ideas. Nothing to blog about. If anyone who drops by would like a blog-on-command–tell me what to write about and I’ll do it, within reason–feel free. Preferably writing-related, but I’ll consider other topics. I’m not really an expert on anything, but I’m sure there must be some opinions and information […]

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Getting Ready

Here is my querying status as of today: Short Synopsis: Finished. Long Synopsis: Needs one more revision. Query Letter: Picture perfect, I think…I’ll know after I scan it fifteen more times. Printer: Finally in the same state that I’m in, and working, too! Stamps: Could use some more. Am I ready? Not quite, but I […]

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