Off and Running

Listening to: Rise Against, “Life Less Frightening” For several days there, I was really avoiding my revisions. Probably that whole “character motivation” thing. I had no idea how I was going to pull that off, and I knew it would be somewhat difficult, and I haven’t written anything new in this novel for at least […]

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Quote of the Day

Today’s quote comes courtesy of my two hours in the dentist’s chair, during which Dr. McDrilly said, with drill poised above my mouth: Just let me know if my knee starts pulling on your hair. Oh, the images that evoked.

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Getting Crowned

I go to the dentist today. This is the fifth time in as many weeks…so you can tell I’ve been having a great freaking month here. All the others have been new or replaced fillings, plus a cleaning. But today…I get crowned. If you’ve never gotten crowned, let me tell you…it’s fun. They use the […]

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