NaNo Status Update, Day 11

Hit 19k words tonight. I think I’ve lost my plot. Has anyone seen it? It’s about yea high, not particularly bright, a bit clumsy, with a few half-hearted twists. If seen, please call the number on its collar (1-800-MYPLOTSUX). I’d offer a reward, but…eh. Seriously, though, I’m at that point. YOU know. That point. Where […]

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From the "WTF?" Files

I just remembered–I had a dream last night that my dream agent called me up and offered representation…on the condition that I both lengthen my novel, and remove exactly 1300 instances of the word “the.” Of course I said yes.

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Okay, I had one of the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had last night. And I’ve had some doozies. My window was open, and a white horse was outside it. The horse kept rearing up, like it was upset or scared or something. And it was freaking me out pretty good, too. Then…okay, here comes the […]

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